Welcome to Kimber-View Stables

Kimber-View Stables is a full service hunter, jumper, and equitation show barn. Located on a 56 acre farm purchased in July 2012, Troy and Annette Hendricks offer boarding, training, lessons, and showing from a convenient location in Chester County, PA.

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Kimber-View strives to provide a high level of teaching, training, and horse care at an affordable price. With over 20 years of experience on the AA circuit, Troy Hendricks is able to bring a high level of horse care and training for both horse and rider to the area. He can also assist you with buying and selling horses, using his wide-spread contacts in the equine business. Kimber-View Stables has a busy show schedule, attending rated horse shows. However, even with a busy horse show and judging schedule, Troy enjoys teaching lessons of any level.

How Kimber-View got its name

Troy and Annette decided to call their business Kimber-View Stables after Kimber-Vu Farm, Troy’s grandmother’s family farm in Phoenixville, PA. The original family farm, 150 acres of crop and dairy cows, was located on Merlin Road in Phoenixville, PA. The highest point on the rolling fields overlooks the little town of Kimberton, creating the name Kimber-Vu Farm. Troy’s parents still live on a 25 acre piece of the original Kimber-Vu Farm, where they have continued the agricultural tradition. Troy and Annette, both rooted deeply in family history and tradition, use the farm name with a little twist to emphasize their objective of running their business as a family operation.