Who is Troy Hendricks?

Currently, Troy focuses on preparing horses and riders for the show ring at a safe and appropriate level. He likes to help his students establish a goal in terms of riding as well as showing because he believes a structured and goal oriented approach to riding is the most fruitful. Even though not the main focus of his business, Troy can often be seen in the show ring, preparing horses for his clients.
Over the past few years, Troy has established a great contact in Switzerland, allowing him to import horses from Europe next to his busy sales business here on the East Coast.
Troy moved back to Chester County to be closer to his family in 2008. He is grateful for all the amazing opportunities he has been offered in the past, and he now enjoys applying the knowledge he gained from the great horsemen he has worked with to his own business.

Troy Hendricks grew up on his family farm here in Chester County, PA. He started riding around the farm at the age of two, being lead by any family member who would walk around with him. He started foxhunting with Pickering hunt at the age of nine, but did not show until he was thirteen. He rode with two local trainers, Melvin Dutton and Dave Murray. He spent his junior career showing hunters and jumpers at the local level in the tri-state area. He also continued his passion for foxhunting as he hunted as often as possible, even if that meant skipping school. After high school, Troy attended Delaware Valley College where he received a bachelor’s degree in animal science. While at DVC, he met the three people who would most influence and direct his life at this stage: Ray Francis, Audrey Bostwick and Gerry Gilbert. These three people introduced Troy to the “AA” circuit and top professionals in the industry. It was then that Troy decided he wanted to work for the best people, learn as much as possible, and hopefully one day open his own business. 
Troy spent the first fifteen years of his professional career working for and learning from top professionals such as Ray Francis, Ralph Caristo, Louise Serio, Glenn Moody, Clairborn Bishop and Shelby French. He attended some of the top horse shows up and down the east coast, and got to know all aspects of the equine industry. Troy has had the opportunities to ride and train some top hunters and jumpers as well as teach and train some top riders at great horse shows. Despite the busy horse show schedule, Troy never lost focus of his strong interest in judging. He received his ‘R’ in Hunt Seat and Hunt Seat Equitation in 2010, an accomplishment he is very proud of!

Annette and Riley

Annette grew up in Germany and came to the US to attend college. She lived on the Eastern shore of Maryland, from where she moved to Charlottesville, VA. She is a trained art historian, but has been around horses all her life. She enjoys riding as an amateur; her role in the business is mainly concerned with the books and paperwork. She is happy to help Troy in that aspect of the business, as well as take care of their son Riley, born in August 2008. Riley is a frequent visitor in the barn. Riley officially started his riding career with a Western saddle on Montana. His English career began as the proud "owner" of Tap Shoes, known in the barn as Dora. Dora was a medium pony lent by Susie Schoellkopf. Currently, he loves his pony Magic and has been quite successful in leadline, winning Devon 2013!